Creating a platform for art to connect and engage the audience is why we exist.



The breadth and diversity of artistic talent that has emerged from the Middle East and North Africa in recent years has enabled us to create a truly international artistic platform that is helping to support, nourish and celebrate creativity from the region through our festivals in London. 

We’re engaged with creating multi-platform festivals through exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, poetry events, discussions, musical concerts, theatre, dance, screenings, that are helping us explore the region and its diaspora in Europe's art scene. 



#NAME Foundation

/ Platform + Community

Launched in 2016 #NAME an acronym for North Africa & Middle East is our new educational platform + community dedicated to fostering creative debate on the contemporary social landscape of MENA.

/ Schools Program

#NAME will tour a schools program aimed at 12-18 year olds that highlights the positive, historical and contemporary connections the UK and region has through art.

/ Talks | What’s your #NAME?

The panellists (made up of actors, artists, directors, curators, business and sports people) will hold informative floor talks exploring their own personal journeys and how the region’s cultural tapestry has inspired them. In addition, artists will address common themes and misconceptions of the area.